July Ad: Roscom Launches New Logo

    Roscom is going through a rebranding stage and has recently launched our new logo, the Roscom diamond! When Roscom was first created in the early 1980’s they created a logo to represent the start of a new company. The logo was then changed in the 90’s to a globe look, in order represent the overall reach the company was looking to achieve, a global one. A few decades later, we have done just that! Roscom isn’t like any ordinary compounder, we are one of a kind, and as some might say, a diamond in the rough. We are now launching into the future and designed a brand new logo to represent the relationships we have with our customers, ones that last forever. Cherishing the relations we forge with our customers means the world to us as a company, and to that, we thank all of the companies we have the privilege to work with and for the opportunity in working with ones down the road ahead.

    In creating the new logo, we decided to preserve the color blue as it represents Roscoms loyalty and trust we express to our clients along with the wisdom and strength we retain as a company in developing new formulations every day. The new Roscom diamond represents the 4 C’s of PVC; Cut, Clarity, Color, and Custom. We offer two different compound cuts, a micro pellet and standard pellet, of which are consistent in size to allow for a constant melt flow. Our flexible and rigid clear compounds have excellent clarity properties while our pre colored PVC provides high integrity color that is matched to our customers standards. We strive to offer our clients with a formula that is specific to their needs and final application whether specific additives are needed to protect the integrity of the compound for weather ability or process ability purposes. To date, we have developed over 3,000 custom formulations since the company began back in the early 80’s, and Roscom continues to research and develop new compounds for existing clients as well as the new opportunities we encounter on a daily basis.

    Over the weekend we had our annual Roscom Company Picnic which was a blast for all who attended. At the picnic we had the privilege to launch our new logo with coworkers, family, and friends! The event was an overall success and we all look forward to the bright future!




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    Optimistic Markets for 2017

    The automotive market has seen a drastic increase in demand for various polymers over the recent years, and according to Plastics News, it is the most optimistic market for 2017. To see the full list of optimistic markets for 2017 click on the following link.


    June 2017 Ad

    For many years, Rosocm has been providing aftermarket automotive parts to companies that injection mold or extrude various parts which include; auto body trim, bumper parts, window seals, plus many more. Before hitting the pavement this summer and looking to source a PVC supplier for your product needs, make the “smart choice” and contact Roscom sales to see how we can help make this summer a worry free one!




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    Clariant & Hunstman Poised to Merge

    Plastics News announces that Clariant, who is one of the largest suppliers of masterbatch concentrates along with Huntsman, primarily known for its PU, epoxy, acrylic, and pigment product lines, are poised to merge by the end of 2017. HuntsmanClariant, which will be the new name of the enterprise, expects to be valued at approximately $20 billion! To read the full article, click on the link provided below.

    Plastics News Article Clariant and Huntsman Merge

    May 2017 Ad

    Looking for an experienced compounder to manufacture your proprietary formula to a tee? Contact Roscom to get started today! Roscoms toll compounding and contract manufacturing division provides companies the ability to manufacture their proprietary formulas without incurring expansion costs. Our toll compounding services allows you to take advantage of our engineering and manufacturing expertise while not breaking the bank. Acting as an extension to your facility we will provide designated warehouse space to store your raw materials, inventory space available to store your finished product to be shipped when requested, and a variety of production reports just a click away. We even offer private labeling and custom bar coding! Click on the toll compounding brochure link below to view more information or contact Roscom sales today!




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    April 2017 Ad

    Now more than ever, the United States is focusing on promoting American made products. Here at Roscom we share that same focus. We are proud to say that our PVC compounds are manufactured using raw materials that are supplied by companies within the US. We have always emphasized and promoted our materials to be 100% American made which is why we are dedicating this ad to reflect that statement. When ordering from Roscom, not only do our customers receive cUStom PVC formulated to their specific application and/or requirements, but they also have the privileged to say that they are buying materials that made here in the US.



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    NPE Space Draw

    The road to NPE2018 has begun! The NPE Space Draw is being held this week down in Orlando where future exhibitors have the chance to strategically select their booth space for what is considered to be the most anticipated plastics shows in 2018. Roscom representatives will be attending the event tomorrow to select our booth! According to Recycling Today, the space draw is up 25% from the prior 2014 event with over 1,000 exhibitors attending, and only 2,000 booths available! William R. Carteaux, the president and CEO of Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS), states, “We anticipate NPE2018 will break the records we set in 2015 and continue to be a hub of innovation, technology, and learning for the industry”. Keep checking back on our Facebook page as well as our Twitter page for updates on the NPE and we look forward to seeing you at the show in May!

    NPE2018 tracking ahead of projections, organizer says…

    March 2017 Ad

    As in many industries, quality can be one of the main selling points, as a company, Roscom adheres to that! Roscom has been selling quality custom flexible and rigid PVC all throughout North America for over 30 years! As you may notice in the ad below, we are  ISO9001:2008 certified which requires us to abide by the ISO rules and regulations. What this means to our customers is that, we test all raw materials as they arrive to our location, conduct various QC checks as material is being manufactured on our product lines, and lastly we conduct a final test after the material has been curing for 24 hours to make sure the material is in spec prior to leaving our dock. Just remember, next time when you think of Roscom, think QUALITY.
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    Line 4/5/6 Revamp Has Begun


    Roscom has begun the process of replacing platforms, new cooling blender, and new mixer for production Line 4/5/6. The restructuring will feed two twin screw extruders with the ability to produce 6,000lbs per hour once complete! The project has just started and is expected to be completed by mid March.  Check in on our social media pages to see updates on our progress.








    Line456_pic 2











    Line456_pic 3

    PVC Price Increase

    Tight supply, an increase in demand, and a raise in export pricing causes an increase in PVC pricing. Please click on the link provided below for more details. 

    Roscom Price Increase