PVC Pricing Up Three Cents

    Due to Hurricane Harvey making landfall in August hitting major chemical plants and causing disruptions in the market along with logistic issues PVC and other commodity resins have seen price increases take in effect on October 1st. To read the full article published by Plastics News, click on the link below.

    Commodity Resin Prices Increase

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    Trucking Companies Forecast a Major Increase

    Get ready for blast off! Trucking companies are forecasting major increases due to the catastrophic events that have been taking place over the two months. Hold on to your seatbelts cause it will be a bumpy ride.

    Truckload rate increases will feel like…

    Great Lakes Discontinues DP-45

    Raw material supplier, Monson Chemical, has been notified from Lanxess that Great Lakes DP-45, has been discontinued effective immediately. Roscom is currently in the process of evaluating  an alternative supply for the flame retardant additive that is being used in some of our UL formulas. To view the letter please click on the link below

    DP45 discontinued

    Eastman Announces Price Increase on Plasticizers

    Raw material supplier, Eastman Chemical has announced a price increase on various grades of plasticizers. To see the full list, click on the link provided below.


    Plasticizer Price Increase

    Plasticizer Price Increase

    One of Roscoms main plasticizer suppliers has announced a price increase effective 10/1. As we continue into the 4th quarter, we will work with our customers to try and alleviate the price increases we ascertain and will lower our compound pricing as soon as we are able. Please check back on our website for further notices.

    2017 Plasticizers Price Increase

    Roscom Exhibits NPE 2018

    Roscom will be exhibiting at the NPE show in May 2018. Come stop by and say hello to the team at booth# S30085! We will also be hosting a private party at our very own hospitality suite. To access your very own guest pass, provided to you by Roscom,  please click on the image below and you will be directed to the NPE.org webpage where you can register for FREE! For more information, please contact Stephen Lynch. We look forward to seeing you there!

    Price Increases Due To Harvey

    Due to the unprecedented weather events in Texas, it has majorly impacted our raw material suppliers operations’ and capability of supplying Roscom with materials. The transportation industry has also been effected which is causing a tight supply in transporting goods throughout the US. To that extent we are forced to announce a five cent per pound ($0.05/lb) price increase on all compounds effective October 1st. In order to take advantage of the current pricing on your compounds, we ask that you contact your sales representative to adjust orders that may be for a later date. Over the past year, Roscom has experienced price increases on both plasticizers and resin. As a company, we decided to absorb those increases so that our customers weren’t directly affected, as this is a normal trend; however we are unable to do that in this point in time. We are carefully monitoring the current situation and will be able to provide updates as they are available to us. Should we see an opportunity to alleviate pricing we will do so immediately.

    An estimated 58 percent of all commodity chemical capacity in the United States is either down or at least significantly affected by Harveys devastation. As for commodity polymers, that number is 44 percent thus brining the total chemical and plastics industry to a 53 percent down. These numbers represent a snap shot in time which was conducted on 8/31. We expect these numbers to go down within a week or so as some plants will resume operations if able. Most of the companies have not yet been able to identify the severity of the damage so once they know the extent of the situation, we will be informed. Most of our raw materials suppliers have issued Force Majeure until further notice.

    Logistic operations have also been directly effected due to the hurricane which is tightening the availability to supply goods throughout the US. Again we will work diligently together through this tough time and as information is provided by our supply chain, we will update our website. Please check back periodically for more information.

    Transportation getting tight due to Harvey

    Roscom has been informed that the transportation industry will be tight due to devastation of Harvey. In order to plan ahead, we would like to ask our customers to provide us with additional lead times to manufacture and ship out your material. We will work diligently to bypass the extended lead times and additional costs, but wish to inform everyone that this will be in effect until further notice. Thank you all for working with us during these tough times. For more updates please check back on our website or social media outlets. Again our prayers and thoughts go out to Texas and Louisiana.