These compounds may be a great source for a specific application that doesn’t demand virgin material.

Clear Compounds

CompoundDurometerSpecific GravityVolume
2Q-301-35/40 CLEAR 02 38401.121,700
2Q-301-35/40 CLEAR 02 38401.12450
2Q-303-40 CLEAR 02401.12179
2Q-RC-1I116-60 W/C M/P601.161,001
2Q-RC-1I117-65 Clear 05 M/P651.17350
2Q-RC-1I117-65 Clear 05 M/P651.17854
2Q-RC-1I120-75 Clear 01 M/P751.21,730
2Q-201-80 W/C ***801.21936
2Q-201UV-80 CLEAR 01801.22875
2Q-201UVF-80 CLEAR 01801.221,744
2Q-201UVF-80 CLEAR 01801.221,800
2Q-1D125-90 Clear 01901.251,988
2Q-1D125-90 Clear 01901.25987
2Q-1D125-90 Clear 01901.251,800
2Q-RC-1I123HHS-8991 Cl 03 90 MP901.231,796
2Q-RC-4I124-90 W/C D/B901.251,400
2Q-RC-4I124-90 W/C D/B901.251,470
2Q-100716-95 W/C D/B951.241,286
2Q-100716-95 W/C D/B951.241,088
2Q-200HHS-95/96 Clear 02 95951.261,718
2Q-RC-1I126-96 Clear 01 M/P961.26370
2Q-RC-1I126-96 Clear 01 M/P961.261,717
2Q-RC-1I126-96 Clear 01 M/P961.261,601
2Q-RC-1I126-96 Clear 01 M/P961.261,351
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