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Roscom manufactures hundreds of standard/custom PVC formulas and colors that are shipped to customers in pellet or dry blend form for use in a multitude of injection molding, sheeting, and extrusion applications. We provide Flexible, Rigid, Clear Rigid, Salt and Pepper mixes, FDA sanctioned materials, UL rated materials, and REACH compliant compounds.

Are you having issues storing your material? Let Roscom handle your needs! Our inventory stock program provides customers the ability to store their finished goods in our controlled warehousing space free of charge. Once our customers finished goods are shipped, our systems will automatically schedule more material to be manufactured and stocked in our designated inventory area. Taking advantage of the Roscom Inventory Stock Program will eliminate any potential lead times you may be receiving from other suppliers. Roscom has also partnered up with multiple companies throughout the United States that have the ability to store your material for your convenience.

We ask new customers to please fill out our credit appliaction by clicking on the link provided below, and to send it via fax or email to your sales representative.

Roscoms Credit Application

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